Sunday, April 4, 2010

pesach, pesach, pesach

pesach, pesach, pesach, i made you out of matzah, and when you're dry and ready, oh more matzah i shall eat. it's been a very nice, tasty, and overpriced pesach, year 5770! we transformed the house into pseach march madness....covering counters, kashering ovens, microwaves, tin foiling the fridge, and garbage bagging the sink. the fun continued as we did bedikat chametz (searching for chametz) last sunday night, followed by me burning the remains the next morning, according to tradition. good thing i didn't burn the moishe house down in the process of burning my cheerios found in the cracks in the family room couch. chag sameach to all and go duke....some crazy march madness, i'll say.

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