Monday, April 5, 2010

House Blog - MH Beijing - Inter House Collaberation

Until reading this month’s blog prompt, I had not really given much thought to how Moishe House Beijing could collaborate with other houses to enhance our own events. Other than some welcoming notes and friendly introductions to residents of other Moishe Houses’, our inter-house communication has been very limited. Reading other houses’ blogs and getting a sense of their events and community structures has until this point been all I thought we could expect to get out of other houses. Perhaps the houses that would be best for us to collaborate with would be those filled with residents and community members who are similar to our own in their distances from home. What gaps in the lives of their participants are being filled with Moishe House that we have not thought to tackle yet?

Thinking quite further outside the box (and budget), it would be great if we could set up a Moishe House-swap, trading places with Vienna, Mexico City, or New Orleans’ houses for a week here or there to get a sense of their roles in their communities. Some of our best experiences have been when the rare former resident of other Moishe Houses come through our doors and share their thoughts on our similarities and differences to their own houses.

Some good news recently came our way that there are plans for a second Moishe House to open in China in sunnier Shanghai. Such a relatively close Moishe House would certainly allow for easier and broader collaboration. Given the success and popularity of our holiday celebrations, I could envision a scenario where the two houses come together for grand purim parties and gut-bursting seders.

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