Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MH Mexico City - March Blog - Inter House Collaboration

Moishe House Mexico City is geographically located in a country that
is very big and has no other Moishe Houses, this makes it is hard to
be in tune, at least physically, with the global network. However, we
have had opportunities to get in touch with this network: very often,
someone who has visited another Moishe House drops by, just because
they have experienced something positive from another place. This is
as close as we have been with the rest of the international gang. This
does not mean, however, that virtual collaboration isn´t possible.
There are several ideas about how to make this happen. ‬

‪ We could have a global charity month, in which we would have to
raise some money together, as a network. This will not only reinforce
the feeling of working together but will help us have, among all the
Moishe Houses, a common goal. Something fun we haven´t tried out yet
is having some event together online, like a seder among to Moishe
house using some projector, web cams and skype to communicate. ‬
‪ ‬
‪ Of course, the most obvious international collaboration would be
having actual Moishehouseniks over to our house. In this sense, we
could consider the Moishe house network as a more meaningful copy of
the couch surfing network. In MHMC we are really excited to receive
all kind of different people as our guests. Also if we are not too
busy, we could organize some tour through Mexico City. If this is not
possible, however, we could start a blog or a publication in which
each of the Moishe Houses gives an "insider´s guide" of the place
where they are located at. This is a great way to have international
collaboration and will reinforce the international feel of the whole
project, while keeping a local perspective to the whole thing. It
might be a stretch but an exchange program, among residents, might be
an interesting way of transferring knowledge, know-how and providing a
greater sense of community among us.‬

‪ Because we are one of the younger Moishe houses,we could get some
benefit by making use of a more personal feedback program from other
houses, something like a grass roots kind of mentorship: having an
online meeting with a similar Moishe house every two months and
checking in on them through skype. There could be, also, some sort of
Facebook-type community or Twitter account for all the Moishe Houses.
This is way in which we can start to develop the feeling of being an
international community and spread the love around. In the future,
we could reach people who have been in other Moishe Houses before they
reach us. They will feel a membership to the whole project even if
they are not residents, and thus we could assure them a community
before they even come.‬

‪ In conclusion, although geographical and physical obstacles are hard
to overcome, there are several virtual ways in which can stay more
connected with the Moishe House community. This methods might not be
ideal but they could help bring the Moishe House network closer. We
also believe that the fact that Mexico has been included as part of
the national retreat will provide a unique opportunity to form real
bonds with the U.S. network. Virtually there are several ideas to be
developed and tried, and most of them will probably be poor
substitutes for real human contact; however, slowly the world is
shrinking and having more links and ties between this community will
surely provide a stronger and better organization.

All the best,

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