Monday, April 5, 2010

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Inter-house Collaboration - In what capacity does your Moishe House collaborate with other Houses? What are your ideas for new ways to collaborate with other Moishe Houses? How will this benefit your community? Feel free to think outside the box on this one and envision ways to utilize our global network.

What a perfect time to be blogging about inter-house collaboration as we are hoping to do a large scale retreat/festival this Labor Day weekend at a camp site in Pennsylvania and we are hoping to get other East Coast houses on board!

We are lucky that our house is situated within close enough proximity that we can collaborate fairly easily with other houses along the east coast. We have had a fair amount of inter-house collaboration, including a camping trip in Fall 2008 with Philly and Silver Spring; a winter retreat in the Poconos during Channuka in winter 2008 with Great Neck; a Tele-Shabbat with Providence, DC, and Philly in Spring 2009; and this past July we had a Multi Moishe House Leadership Retreat at the Jersey Shore with the Silver Spring and Great Neck houses. These weekend trips have been hugely successful and a big hit with our community members. It gives them a chance to meet in person both the residents and community members of the other houses; and creates the opportunity for them to feel a part of a larger Moishe House community. While there is always ample time to relax and hang out we also include relevant programming on these trips as well.

The tele-shabbat was different in that the whole event only lasted for a few hours and nobody met 'in person' but rather via a computer screen (major props to MH Providence for organizing that). This was a great way of using technology to our advantage and getting a bunch of houses together, from various parts of the east coast, and still gave the houses an opportunity to interact with one another via the computer. Our community members love these inter-house collaborations and we are always looking for additional opportunities to do it.

Again, let us know if any of you are interested in joining us this Labor Day Weekend or for a weekend retreat at the beach!

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