Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taking Pesach Literally

Well, okay, we didn't move out of Egypt, so not that literally, but for sure, we have moved out of 'Mitzrayim', a 'narrow place' and into a new and wonderful space. Finally MoHoLo has space to breathe. Last night the house was full of our first round of guests for Mimounah, making bread and forming friendships.
In the next month we will be welcoming more innovations from the local community, including a gathering of future beekeepers and the first 2010 meet-up of Grassroots Jews, never mind the first MoHoLo baby! So it's great to feel that this is a living, breathing communal space. Last month saw the launch of NuMa, and I do hope that more people are feeling that community creation and nurturing is a natural thing to do, not a consumer commodity to pay membership for. It doesn't take much to make it happen, just a small effort of skill from each person. There's no place I'd rather be.

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