Friday, April 9, 2010

Pesach and spring in Warsaw

This year I had this great oportunity to help my mom with some pesah cooking because we where making knedlah together. It was really nice aspecialy that my mothers knedlah are the best one can get (At list in my opinion;). And she has a frezer full of knedleh now and I will eat them all soon :) Its not a problem that Pesah is over.

Evry year i descover that i like Pesach more than last year. for egzample Im a fan of maca with horseraddish and i aricatre it more and more even dough maybe Im not sopose to because maror shuld me something unplesant.

The winter this year was really long and cold so Im really happy about the fact that is war enough to walk around not wearing a coat or seat in a park with friends. I just came back from Italy but the wether in Warsaw is even better then in Bologna or Florence.

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