Monday, April 5, 2010

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We had an exciting three months during which we have learned soooo much about community, community- building, Jews, social activism, love, hate and meaning of life! Looking back to the amount of stuff we did, its not impossible we can be given the name of the Jewish Powerpuff Girls!!! We have spent passionate, wild and relaxed moments together, and with our friends, and with our friends’ friends, and with our friends’ friends’ friends’ …. , and with those who came to visit us „out of the blue” - e.g. the so-called world-wide-web.

We have also enriched materially: I have been begging Anna and Zsofi about needing a couch for our living room for a while – when suddenly, one day our landlord calls us and tells, he actually would like to bring a couch for us, if we need it. Isn’t it unbelievable? Isn’t it like in a cartoon or a fairytale? I wish my dreams always would come true like that, and that this good blessing will continue to work in MOHO Budapest – and all of the Moishe Houses around the world! The best is that the couch is red - which is my favourite colour! If I would be a Powerpuff girl, I would definitely be Blossom – mostly because of the red ribbon. Zsófi would be Bubbles and Anna would be Buttercup.

Just like like the Powerpuff girls we also fly a lot. In January we had a mission in Jerusalem with Anna (Buttercup), were involved in some social activism. In March me and Zsófi(Bubbles) have visited the MOHOLO, during the time when we were on the Masorti Europe conference by the support of the Moishe house!

And the Powerpuff girls are famous. We get to be published every second week - lately on the JTA and in the German newspaper Pester Lyold. After having experienced a Seder with over 80 people, - which is no problem for the Powerpuff girls, of course –, I need to admit, I feel like trying out the program I read among the program of other Moishe houses: invite JUST your friends. We really need that! At the same time, it is amazing that people connect, or re-connect through the house, for which we will be as open as possible in the future as well. Whenever the phone is ringing – the Powerpuff girls are ready for action!

I got an email lately from one of my classmates in university, who was in the same seminar with me once. He wrote me, he had just found out he was Jewish not long ago, and that he would like to come once to visit our place. What is more astonishing, I have also just found out about my best friend, whom I know for over 10 years, that her grandfather was Jewish. I am so happy she was there on Seder night, which was her first Seder, and she had a great time.

Now, I need to leave, as we have a lot of things to do. For instance, we have still not found out the story of the “Shutzpasses” we found in our closet when we moved in into our apartment. But the Day is saved – because of the Powerpuff girls!!!

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