Thursday, April 1, 2010

Moishe House JHB - March Blog - Inter-House Collaberation

Up to this point our Moishe House has unfortunately not collaborated with any other houses, although it is definitely something we would like to do. We know the people who live in the house in Cape Town and we think it will be a brilliant opportunity and experience for us to collaborate with them. We could run an event simultaneously and Skype with each other to see how things are going during the event. We could even share event ideas and thoughts about fun things to do and run for both our communities.

We feel we should commit to finding out more about other Moishe Houses and meeting with them to discuss ideas and compare communities, as it can be a very valuable experience and fun way to learn from each other. We think it is important to expose ourselves to other Moishe Houses in order to understand the work they do in other Diaspora communities. It can only be a beneficial experience for us to learn about and from other communities around the world.

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