Friday, April 2, 2010

MoHoLo Version 3.0 (Joel personal blog, MHLondon)

We're about to enter our final Shabbat in this incarnation of Moishe House London. It's been two and a half years since we began, and one and a half in this particular house, but on Sunday we move into a gorgeous new place at the bottom of the road. Bigger, warmer, nicer, even cheaper, with an extra large basement reception room that's perfect for events. We're all very excited about it and, to be honest, it feels like a totally new stage of the project. Natalia's just moved in as a resident and Aviad's only been here a couple months. Joseph, who started the house with me, Rachel, Gideon and Daniel, is also leaving, so it's just me and Rachel from the original 5. But MoHoLo is evolving. We now do more programmes that we really want to see in the house, with more personal invites. Natalia has just started a women's Rosh Chodesh group and Aviad is putting on monthly jam sessions. I'll also be using the new space to rehearse for my play in June - 'The Engineer of Chelm,' a new Jewish environmental play based on the book of Jonah and showing at the new Jewish Museum. More here.

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