Sunday, April 4, 2010

Portland House Blog

Inter-house Collaboration - In what capacity does your Moishe House collaborate with other Houses? What are your ideas for new ways to collaborate with other Moishe Houses? How will this benefit your community? Feel free to think outside the box on this one and envision ways to utilize our global network.

We basically don't do much collaboration currently. However, after going to the regional retreat, we have a great relationship with the Seattle House. Recently, Steven from the Seattle House came down here for a weekend and we all went to Chabad for a Shabbat dinner together, and spent long hours catching up! This was really fun. I notice too that talking to Steve is especially refreshing because the experience of being a Moishe House resident is pretty unique. Yet, when we connect with other residents, we instantly relate to each others' experience of constantly running events, cleaning up after people, lol, etc.

I think the cultural similarity and relative proximity of Portland to Seattle presents an opportunity to collaborate. Seattle has a slightly bigger observant community than Portland, which is interesting to us as a shomer mitzvot house.

I think it would be fun to do a Shabbaton in Seattle and spend time with the Seattle Kollel (a sister branch of the Portland Kollel, who we collaborate often with), and go get Kosher Indian food...yum!

We could also go to a Seattle Mariners game, or do other fun Seattle attractions. Both a day trip and a Shabbaton could be interesting.

In terms of other houses, I think we try to just build our relationships with them. We try to use each other as resources, remembering each others' special skills.

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