Friday, April 2, 2010

6 months in the house...!

March was my 6th month living in Moishe House, and my relationship to the house and our community members has only grown and been strengthened. I got to take a greater role in programming over the course of these past 6 months, and with two new residents moving in since then, it has been great to become a "senior" resident of our house.

The new energy in our house has been - and I am sure will be - great. We are breaking out of an old mold and putting together new programs that combine the best of our interests. And on top of that, our longest resident, Rachael, has just put together a monthly coffee house program, where people come and hang out and also share their talents. It was wonderful to hang out in my living room last week while so many talented people played music and performed right in my own home!

The Capital Boogie has also only continued to grow. We are getting 50-60 people at each boogie, and more and more people are hearing about it. It has been very special to see this event - an inter-generational dance party for people of all ages - grow and grow.

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