Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a year!

Wonderful turns of events aren't always easy to notice. It's only after some time that you can fully appreciate how good has a certain decision been for you. I think that one year is a period of time after which you can see what has changed and what hasn't. And what a year has it been!
Exactly one year ago (not counting ca. two weeks of acclimatization) we opened our Moishe House. Since then we had our ups and downs but we organized almost a hundred events, almost all of them successful and all of them were received. During this year we managed to build vibrant community consisting not only of our Friends or our friends' friends but reaching much further through the use of facebook and other means. We start the year 2010 with much less fear than the last year knowing that we will have no problem with organizing even better and bigger events than last year. But events is not the only thing we care about. Any our guest will tell you without a doubt that our MH is also his MH. Usually at least every other day we have friends over even if there is no event in the calendar.
This has also been a great year for me personally. The Moishe House experience has taught me a lot and i don't think it will stop yet. Hopefully I will be able to share this feeling.
Happy new year 2010 to all You out there!

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