Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moishe House Buenos Aires - December house blog - Newcomers

We often have newcomers in MHBA. Lots of American, Israeli, Brit and Aussie tourists and expats come to the House as well as Argentine locals who have only just heard about the House. We are always very warm and welcoming to newbies. When newcomers come for a Friday night meal we help to break the ice by encouraging them to help to prepare food / lay the table. In getting involved in team work, they have to talk to people and then immediately conversations are flowing and they have someone they have already spoken to before the meal starts. Between us we speak Spanish, English and Hebrew and so far every newcomer has been able to speak to us in their native language. We get lots of inquiries from newcomers to Buenos Aires by email, so we tell them about upcoming events and also give them advice and help them out in the move / visit to our city. Newcomers always seem to come back and become MHBA regulars, so we think we’re doing something right!

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