Monday, January 4, 2010

Making New Members Comfortable

Moishe House Chicago has been lucky to have new people join their community and continue to be active in programming. The residents of Moishe House Chicago are very familiar with people in the Moishe House community and if they don’t know someone, they make sure to talk to them. This way if it is a person’s first time at a Moishe House event and they don’t know anyone, they feel welcome right away.

When talking to a new person joining the Moishe House community, residents try to learn about the new person’s background and interests. When residents find out new people’s passions, interests, or professions, they connect them with other people at programs who the new person has things in common with. Moishe House Chicago residents have found that engaging people in what they care about makes them feel valued and comfortable. Introducing people in this way also strengthens the Moishe House community; it helps people bond over a similar interest or aspect of their lives that hold importance to them.

The residents of Moishe House also make sure to ask the newcomer what they are looking for in a community and what they would like to get out of the Moishe House community. Moishe House members let the new person know that they value their input and feedback. Moishe House residents also express that they want to include the person’s ideas in upcoming programs. Implementing ideas from new members in future programs is a good way to make sure that our community is involved in programming and helps to keep the community coming back to Moishe House.

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