Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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My Moishe House Experience

Im very happy to be leaving in a Moishe house, to be part of a project that is world wide. Tomorrow i will be going to the Moishe house Philadelphia were they didn't ask me anything, i just told them i live in the Moishe house Buenos Aires, that i am a Moishe member and they were happy to receive me, happy to host me, and mostly happy to interact with me, to know what we do in a Moishe house in the other hemisphere of the world. I looking forward to have that awesome experience that sum up what is the meaning of belonging to a world wide proyect that makes a difference in the Jewish community around the globe.
I think the organization has a lot of potential for the future 2010, and i am personally proud of being part of it and make part of that potential become true.

Guido Werkcaig, 100% Moishe

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