Monday, January 4, 2010

Lawson Gets Personal

As many of you know, I am a poet. A slam poet. My poetry life is very different from my Jewish life. I go to weekly poetry events throughout DC and there is such a community and culture; it is almost a religion. But I continue to be one of the only practicing Jews on the scene here in DC and my poetry often does not discuss my own religious and ethnic upbringing.

In an effort to defragment the many facets of my life, I decided to hold a writing workshop at the good ole’ MHDC. The first event was attended by 6 writers (including our own JMo and DCygielman) and was really well received. I led another one last month that was even more intimate and began to incorporate some Jewish concepts and ideas into the writing. I also held an open mic in December that was attended by 25 individuals, both from my poetry life and my MH life. It was an amazing meshing of worlds and incredible to see how open our MH community is to a new and diverse art form that they may not have experienced in the past.

At our regional retreat, Rabbi Scott Perlo, with the help of the talented Stephanie Gerson, conveyed the idea of knowing the talents of your community and using them to create programming. By opening up my own world of talent, I am hoping that the coming year will be one where our constituents can fuse their many worlds as well and bring their hobbies to Moishe House.

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