Monday, January 11, 2010

Ti at MH Cleveland - Perosnal Blog

This past weekend we celebrated my birthday here. I turn 26. The previous years celebration was just a handful of really great, really intelligent people gathered together talking. This year featured upwards of a hundred people, with a live acoustic music jam, a Capoeira roda, and a DJ. I definitely see that we're successful at being a nexus for our community, and that me being here is forming stronger connections between these awesome individuals... my big question I guess is what to do now?
Yes, I have to finish undergraduate studies.
Yes, We will keep offering kickass social occasions for our peers to get involved in.
Yes, I still have to keep working and teaching all the time.
...But now that we have this much energy to work with, what's the next logical step to take? Bigger events? More community service? A stronger emphasis on spiritual teaching and practice?
There are many things we could do, and I feel like the vibe here in Cleveland is one of massive potential...
Time for action, then.

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