Monday, January 4, 2010

Life at Moishe House

So far I have spent 4 months living in Moishe House London, it's been an interesting, if hectic, time. 

Things I appreciate about our Moishe House:

* The possibility of meeting people I wouldn't normally encounter due to the post-denominational nature of the community we create.

*The freedom to live in a halachic way because I've decided I need that for myself, without also facing expectations that my lifestyle will meet the conventions of Modern Orthodoxy in other ways which I have not chosen for myself (contrasting my MoHoLo experience with my Jerusalem experience).

* Being in an environment where I can connect Jewish religious principles to an ecologically sustainable lifestyle and to action involving other global political issues which I have strong views on. And where I can not only explore these models for a modern Jewish identity myself but where I can pick up inspiration from fellow travellers on a similar path.

*Having my friends appear in my living space without me having to invite them (yay events!)

*The garden. I wouldn't be able to afford to live in property in London with this kind of green space without Moishe House.

*Our road. We live in what is quite an Arab/Muslim area, but also quite a Jewish area (busy synagogue, some kosher food in local supermarket, etc) but not one of THE Jewish areas of London. Its nice to see Jewish life happening outside these more obvious locations.     

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