Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brett from MoHoLo - Personal Blog - Reflections

Well, I have been a member of Moishe House London since March 2008. It has been a remarkable journey thus far. When I moved in, it was my mission to bring to the house a regular Shabbat experience, which had been in place previously by Dan S who was leaving as I joined and to also help bring music in.

It took me a few months to really start feeling comfortable and gain my confidence. I often organised Shabbats but would ask others to lead the service and do the participation parts. But, after a few months I started running meditations on Friday nights.

After I started becoming more comfortable we got to our big house meeting in April and I decided this would be the time to unleash my big suggestion. 'We are all creative people in this house, we should hold one big event that we can invest all our creativity into. My concept is a music and arts festival, done PROPERLY!' Everyone welcomed the idea and that's when we embarked on what was going to be huge event....MOISHE FEST! The whole house pulled together amazingly and we all used our skills and the people we knew to make an incredible event. We turned the lounge into a Morrocan Tea Tent and had storytellers and poets throughout the day. We had an interactive theatre space in the upstairs and the garden had a proper stage and sound system where we had live bands throughout the day. We were lucky with the weather it rained for a total of 10 minutes in between the band schedule. All in all we had over 200 people in attendance and several press reports on the event.

Since Moishe Fest, I have continued working on Shabbats, I was also involved in coordinating Mitzvah Day with the local synagogue collecting food for homeless shelters outside a nearby supermarket, which was an outstanding success.

All in all it has been an incredible experience and given me a lot more confidence in being comfortable with my Judaism and opening my eyes to a whole new community of like minded, creative and exceptional folk.

I am looking forward to this year in Moishe House and all the challenges and excitement ahead.


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