Friday, January 8, 2010

Julia - Moishe House Chisinau - Personal Blog

My life can be divided by a moment. The moment when I became a part of Chisinau’s first Jewish communal living project, Moishe house, and the moment just before. I couldn’t live a |Jewish life when I was living with my parents. my parents are not religious. they do not practice the different traditions. It was difficult to keep kosher, because they didn’t. But Moishe house was the first place I could express my Jewish identity. It’s my first Jewish family because it’s a real Jewish family. Stas, Julia and I, we have similar ideas. We have something common in our worldviews. I’ve been living in the Moishe house for 3 months now. And I feel it. My generation lacks cultural education. We are the lost generation, the post-soviet children. We haven’t yet decided what is fundamental for us. The values in our world are always changing. We are like the blind looking for someone to show us the pathway. Moishe house is the possibility for many teenagers to fill these gaps. Moishe house is a chance to show another way of existence, that those who enter our doors can do /be/live more than they think they can. Life brought us together, Jews together. Sometimes friends of mine, after years of knowing will reveal Jewish roots. My grandfather was Jewish they will say. Its fate that brings us together. The first month we invited many people into our home, and now they come themselves and ask us for more events. They come now by their own will.

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