Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Blog Post

It has been a busy 3 months, lots of new people moving in to our community and a couple goodbyes here and there. The holidays are always stressful because of how many places you can get pulled just for one day. Not only that, but trying to find places for those who are new to the community too is sometimes just as daunting. I am sometimes left wishing that I had just organized an event at my house until I leave whoever's house I went to and see the state of disrepair it is in after all the guests have rummaged.

Our community has definitely grown either through new faces moving in to the community or new people hearing about moishe house. The events we have been having have swayed more toward being outside of the house, either happy hours, dinners outside, or just seeing the usual sites. All of them have relieved a ton of pressure off of us and the desire to keep our house in working order. Surprisingly as we stopped having events inside our house, that's when our house stopped working, deposits in our water, our pond freezing, the heat going on the fritz, it's always a lovely time of the year.

Thanks for everything MH
Ross from MH St. Louis

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