Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Programming in MHSS

We took some time to think about new programs in Moishe House Silver Spring, and we thought that it might be best to try and move our program out of our house and bring it the houses of our community members and the spots that they frequent.

We have lots of wonderful programs that occur at our house or at a space that we rent (like our Capital Boogie), but a model that we might like to look at more would be to do more events in the houses of our community members.

We have started to try this with the Mussar group, and it has been very successful. The Mussar group meets in a different member's home each week, and it has been very successful. People recognize this as a Moishe house event, but they also feel more ownership of the project.

One of the things that we have talked about starting, that would be in a similar model, is a men's group. Rather than simply having one-off events, we could create small gatherings that are enduring and provide value to participants that make them want to keep returning. With the men's group, we envision a monthly social gathering that will rotate houses of its members.

This is a simple idea, but we hope that it might help provide greater value to our community members!

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