Monday, January 4, 2010

MHHoboken December House Blog


What does your house do when someone shows up to a program who doesn't know anyone? What processes do you have for integrating newcomers into your community and making them feel welcome?

We often have new people come to our events, especially Friday night dinners which tend to be our biggest events, but it can be intimidating coming to an event on your own, without knowing anyone. Whenever a new person comes to a program it is vital to make them feel welcome.
I want every person that comes to Moishe House Hoboken to feel comfortable and a part our community. I want them to feel that Moishe House Hoboken is a place where they would want to come back to again and again. I talk to them myself asking them basic questions about themselves(what they do, how they heard about moishe house), introduce them to everyone, and sometimes we do icebreakers. I make sure to include them throughout the entire length of the program and ensuring that they never feel left out of the loop. When I think of Moishe House I think of an inclusiveness environment and thats what we strive to emulate here at MHHoboken.

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