Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kelly's Moishe House Personal Post!

Happy New Year! What a year 2009 has been and what great things to look forward to in the coming decade! I'd like to talk in my post about a really significant part of my life right now: communal living.
A friend visiting Chicago was talking with me about the family that we had created in Moishe House. She used the term family after hearing the way our house operated. She asked:
“So, you make a grocery list every week of things you all want and then one person goes every week to get the groceries? And then one person cooks every night?!” yes, I answered.
“So you guys eat together almost every night?!” Yes again.
“You have a joint bank account and trust each other to spend the money?” yes!
“You have people over to your house all the time and you organize events with the community?” yes.
Finally she came to this conclusion: “You guys depend on each other and struggle together, it is like a family here.”
I’ve been reflecting on this conversation for some time now. Intentional community is definitely not always easy. It takes time to make grocery lists and to have house meetings and to talk through hard issues that in other living situations might be ignored in passive aggressiveness. But, I feel that the community that we have been able to create for each other and within the larger Moishe house community has had a significant impact on me. The support, laughter, and routine we have built as a community has helped me to love beginning my adult life. I love that I have a family of people to come home to, and a larger community family to celebrate holidays and Shabbat every week with. I feel very lucky to be part of this and am looking forward to starting a new year in Moishe house!

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