Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MH Chisinau - December House Blog - Newcomers


We are always happy to see new people in our house. Therefor we do our best to give them warm welcome and integrate them into Moishe House. Newcomers are usually invited to programs rather than parties. During programs we are trying to create a friendly atmosphere that enables people to start discussing. We pay extra personal attention to newcomers and make sure that they don't fell forgotten or left out. Inviting newcomers for a Sabbath dinner is also a good way to introduce them to Moishe House. I think that when we all sit around a big table we all fell connected and barriers between us disappear.
Once we have had the first contact with newcomer we ask for feedback from them.
I thing the more energy and enthusiasm you devote to newcomer, the happier they will be to attend Moishe House in the future.

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