Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moishe House Lessons Learned From The NFL

Unfortunately my Denver Broncos will not be playing in this years playoffs. This is a big letdown because the Broncos started the year 6-0, and at that point we felt that there is no way we can miss the playoffs. But the Broncos went 2-8 in there next 10 games and finished the season at 8-8.

As Moishe House member how can I learn from the failure of the Broncos. I think that it serves as a lesson that no matter how successful we feel your programs are, we still have to be focused on the big picture, that we are hear to build a community amongst our peers. Although we have been extremely successful in the past, we can still become a lot stronger. We have to challenge ourselves to be creative in creating new programs and innovative in our strategies to build a community.

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