Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Personal Blog - Gabi - MH Cape Town

So this blog for me was a bit about reflection. It brought an end to Moishe House of 2009 and a new beginning for Moishe House 2010.

For me Moishe House 2009 was about bringing people together. It became a space for young Jewish adults in the Cape Town community to relax, learn and enjoy one anothers company. It brought a lot of joy to me to watch Moishe House go through stages. Stages of huge popularity and then quieter at times, but one thing is for sure, was that the house was constantly open, welcoming and space for people to make it their own.

We ran activities for everyone's different interests and hobbies: from learning about Israel and the kibbutz movements, or about Palestinian media, or Israeli music and culture, to learning about NGO's in South Africa like Equal Education, TAC etc, to learning about genocides in African countries or about Zimbabwe and South African politics, to Judaism and it's different spheres, to engaging with people who practice different streams of Judaism.

This year has been a truly fulfilling and successful year for me, and a time that i can reflect on with happiness, sense of fun and great pride.


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