Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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So it was my first year living in a Moishe House. I must say that it was my best year ever!
Finnaly I finished my almost two years lasting fight with statistics ( finnaly I scored A) and on my studies Iim having only pleasant courses. Only 1,5 left till I finish my degree. now I'm thinking about writing my thesis. My subject is The Level of Fear and Salutegenesis in third generation. My concept is basic on Aaron Antonovsky an American/Israeli academician whose work concerned the relationship between stress, health and well-being.A key concept in Antonovsky's theory concerns how specific personal dispositions serve to make individuals more resilient to the stressors they encounter in daily life. Antonovsky identified these characteristics, which he claimed helped a person better cope (and remain healthy) by providing that person a "sense of coherence" about life and its challenges, he developed a scale (Orientation to Life Questionnaire) to measure it.

What we want to do in 2010? Of course we want to extend our MH community, maybe some trips, maybe summer camp? Maybe mopre interresting guests? After visiting Mh Budapest we want to visit other Moishe Houses.
Now we are part of a preparations for Purim in our community and we are attending 65th anniversary of liberation Auschwit-Birkenau Camp. This is going to be huge so I cannot wait!

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