Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joseph from Moishe House London - Personal Blog

I've been in Moishe House London (MOHOLO) since the very start, and its been a fascinating journey. Starting from nothing, just an idea, we grew extremely rapidly, due to our large circle of friends and acquaintances,and within months seemed to be an integral part of the London Jewish scene!

At the start there was a wonderful sense of making it up as we went along, of creating exactly the programmes we wanted. As we've grown, and become increasingly succesful we've had to balance repeating things that work with the desire to innovate and change.

Its a balance that can be seen in the community that comes to Moishe House too: we have a set of regulars, who make it familiar and fun, but also a regular stream of newcomers-some post-university and some slightly older, who have been somewhat distanced from Jewish life. When we hold shabbat events we try to get a mix of these 2 groups - representing continuity and change.

A fascinating element at the moment is other organisations imitating the model, which of course is the highest form of flattery. Noam, one of the youth movements, now has all their youth leaders living together and running events from their house, while some others, inspired by Moishe House, are planning to set up their own version in another part of London.

All very interesting developments-who knows what the future will bring!

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