Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moishe House Great Neck

What does your house do when someone shows up to a program who doesn't know anyone? What processes do you have for integrating newcomers into your community and making them feel welcome?

One of the things we are most successful at doing at Moishe House Great Neck is how integrate newcomers. There are couple of reasons for this. One reason is the Moishe House members of our house. We are really good at making people feel comfortable, One example is at our Shabbat dinners, we can tell when someone is kind of left out, and we integrate them into our conversations. Also our programs in general take place in a very laid back and social atmosphere.There is a lot of space for lounging, but at the same time no matter where you are at our house, it is almost impossible to feel secluded. It has happened many times, that whenever we have a newcomer by the end of the night they leave telling us that it felt like they were at a relative's or a close friend's house for Shabbat.

Another successful program in integrating newcomers is our Moishe House Monthly Program with Rabbi Vaknin. We constantly see newcomers and reglars become very close friends at this progam. We have found that Torah learning programs provide the opportunity for people to have a shared experience in spiritual growth ultimately creating very close bonds.

Wishing you all a happy new year,

Moishe House Great Neck

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