Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Personal Blog - Anna - MH Budapest

Even though I have regularly taken part in different activities of the Jewish youth movements for almost over 10 years (and got involved since being a schoolkid as attending a jewish school) , I never had a similar experience to what I lived in Moishe House.

For the first time it's not me doing a voluntary work in the name of an idea invented by someone else, but we do tikkun olam in the way we wish it to do. Meanwhile, as it is functioning in a framework I feel a very good type of responsibility when managing the diverse programs.
Surprisingly, I only realized in what way the existence of MH Budapest is very important when an interview with me about the house was published in one of Hungary's major,liberal weekly newspaper. It resulted lot of interest and questions raised by people I knew before or even those who recognized me in a café, by common friends,etc. It was interesting to see that by a simple page of few questions could create a clear picture about the meaning and the atmosphere of our house. For me it is essential that the people, regardless if they are coming here or not, know about what is going on here.

It is also interesting to experience that in these few months people got used to coming to us that some people were particularly upset that for the first time we didn't have any kind of event on the Friday before. Also they are becoming more and more involved- what is actually very important for us. Frankly , it is sg. We are really lacking it-as we can hardly fit in the budget and any kind of help is important for us.

Finally what the tendency concerns I hope that we can keep on creating various program on Jewish Learning as well. It is true that people seem to prefer gatherings and free chats but I still think that by inventing really interesting programs, that can bring people in.

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