Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MH Budapest - December House Blog - Newcomers

In the Budapest Moishe house we are very happy to see new people and try to receive them in a warm manner. Most of the time they either know someone who was there or they contact us through email, so we are aware that we gonna have new guests.
We shortly explain to them the concept of the Moishe house, introduce them to our regular guests, friends and help them to participate in the program (e.g. show them where the Siddurim are, help them to find where we are at in the prayer, explane them what is going on, etc. ) and also to ask them wh they are and what they are looking for in the Moishe house.
Sometimes we have new guests who come not as participants of the programs but as lecturer or come to cook. We receive them with special attention, show them around the apartment, and introduce them to the guests. We had many people who have already came to cook for our guests for Friday evening, and we are planning to make a "wall" where we they can write their name, put their photo or maybe a guest book, where we can collect our memories, ideas - offline! We are also thinking about some small present that we can give them to show our appreciation, abottle of koshr wine or similar.
For the (newcomer) guests we also have put a paper on our billboard, where they can write their email addresses to be part of our mailing list and where they can see our next programs in the respective months. They can also place their advertisments if they think it is relevant. We are planning to make little cards, as well, for them to remember whre to find us online. For those who come on Friday evening and cannot write we announce where they can find us (facebook, official Moishe house website, etc.).
All in all we are always happy to receive new people and we try to expect them in the best way possible!

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