Monday, January 4, 2010

Danielle's first 2010 blog!

It's been an extremely busy last three months-- but since the pace of Moishe house Philly matches the pace of my outside life-- go, Go, GO!-- all my burners are on all the time and my weeks are packed with excitement! With so much to do between school and work, I'm grateful that living in Moishe house means I'm sure to make time for the most precious parts of daily living: friends, family, fun, (homemade) food, and reflection :) It's been really valuable for me to have "mandatory" study-breaks in my life and a social life I can't neglect. I have especially enjoyed some of our smaller events this fall, such as book club and study hall, as an opportunity to get to really talk to new people and experience a sense of group cohesiveness. That being said, I also absolutely love our large shabbat dinners-- our latest boasting a particularly impressive spread of food cooked with love and pride. Last but not least, I absolutely loved holiday time with Moishe House (and partners) including some scrumptiously sweet holiday holiday treats, a hanukah party, and a sit-down holiday dinner. Looking forward to all the joy and surprises 2010 will surely bring.

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