Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moishe House Denver: Elliot's reflections

By my calculations it’s been 3 months exactly since we opened up Moishe House Denver. At just three months it seems surprisingly both new and familiar—new faces at events, new p.r. tactics, getting used to writing these blogs, uploading receipts, remembering to take pictures at events, etc…, and familiar—the trusty ol’ regulars at our events, the house meetings, the emails, the Shabbat dinners, and everything else. This is an interesting experiment we have signed up for, and the results are still pending, but so far so good.

The past few weeks have been slow (with respect to Moishe House) with lots of people (including ourselves) out of town for the holidays, but I expect things to pick up soon as everyone returns to their post-Santa Baby lives. Colorado is calling us home with snow piling up on the Front Range and Western Slope, making for good snowshoeing and skiing (or boarding if you’re cool like that). The air is clean and crisp, the sun is still strong and the days are getting longer from here on out till summer! With all the things to do here in Colorado, it’s sometimes hard to get motivated to go to work—to click and clack on a computer all day while the great outdoors calls your name. This is my daily struggle. Balancing work and play, Moishe house and personal time, friends and family. But of course it’s better to have too many options than too few—and for this I’m thankful.

Tomorrow is still the weekend but will be a workday as well; a sign that reality awaits. But armed with a new book that I’m dying to read and a climbing trip right around the next bend, getting back to the daily grind for a while shouldn’t be too bad.

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