Sunday, January 3, 2010

Newcomers: "Here's where the bathrooms are!"

It's always hard, not knowing anyone at the party. At MH Oakland we try to make each person feel at home in our house. Frequently, we get attendees who have heard of MH through a friend, or found our Facebook page, or just searched "Bay Area Jewish events" and got us! Most of the time, those people come solo. It's tough getting those people to open up, and feel at home on the first "date". Apprehension is expected. Firstly, when new people come to our events, we all introduce ourselves. We introduce the new person to someone that's a regular to the house. And we show them where the bathrooms are, and where they can get a drink of water if need be. I feel so much more comfortable in a new place if I'm given a little tour, so at MH we show them around,and brag about our bumper pool table. We try to show a little more attention to newcomers than regular attendees who feel secure already.

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