Sunday, January 3, 2010


Newcomers are very important for a moishe house. Because new people are very important in a living community. People come and go its a natural process in every community i guess. And we want people to come and to stay , its not surprising is it ? :)
We do not have any special policy of "dealing" with our newcomers. I think its just important to make them feel comfortable at our events. We are introducing people to each other and we are trying to make nice family atmosphere so people seem to acclimatize quite well.
Good think for keeping in touch a specially with people which are not our close friend is a moishe facebook group. We invite new people to our facebook group i and they get all the news about upcoming activities. One more important thing is diversity of events. When events are educational like lectures or moves more new people are showing up so making such events is a good way of reaching new people and keeping them.

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