Monday, January 4, 2010

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My first three months of Moishe House

I can easily say that the past three months have been an accelerated
learning experience for me. Although it is not the first time I have
lived alone, it was the first time I moved out of my parents house.
When I started the Moishe House experience, I can now say, I had no
idea of what I was getting into. I initially thought things would be
much smoother and simpler; however, I cannot complain since it has
been a very rewarding experience.

Although I knew my fellow roommates and had actually shared living
quarters with one of them, things were quite distinct this time.
Sharing Moishe House responsibilities is quite an ordeal. I think
things are finally settling and each of us knows exactly what he has
to do. It is sometimes hard to work and live with the same people, but
in the end it just seems its a matter of being organized, dividing
responsibilities equally and allowing each member to concentrate on
their strengths.

I think the biggest learning experience for me has been dealing with
unrealized expectations. I consider the turn up for most of our events
has been bellow my expectations. I know it takes time to build a
following and that my initial expectations might have been unrealistic
in retrospect. It is still a little frustrating but I trust that it is
only a matter of time before we are able to achieve the goal I had in

In general its been a very rewarding experience. I have been able to
meet lots of new and interesting people. It has also allowed me to
delve deeper into my judaism which is something I have always enjoyed.
I also think Moishe House has helped me tune my planning skills which
are good but were lacking in several respects.

I am looking forward to things to many new and fun filled experiences
with Moishe House. I am extremely excited to find out what this new
year will bring. I think the whole house experience has been tough and
rewarding. I also think it has moved at a much slower pace that I had
anticipated but it has been lots of fun nonetheless.

Paul J. Feldman

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