Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Personal Blog - Axel - MH Buenos Aires

Hi everyone, this is Axel from MHBA,the best moishe house of South America (and the only one). This months were truly amazing here.At the beginning we had to learn how to live together,know each other and understand the way of working.Then,with the time, we learned how to use our personal positive points to generate the program and make them enjoyable for the four of us and the people who attend them. Now we are in a point we really enjoy planning, making and evaluating the events. Also during the week we receive every time people that maybe are close to our home and come to have a tea,talk and have a good time. Gradually we are being known on the young Jewish community, and every day we receive invitation in facebook about people who want to know about us.

One of the things i really love about being a Moishe member is that people from abroad come to Argentina,and because they knew others Moishe houses they want to come and visit us. As we are the only MH in South America,we dont have the opportunity to meet regularly others Moishe members,but will be amazing if we can join them sometime in the future.

Happy new year for everyone!!!!

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