Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Free Write Expression

As the new year moves through from day into night, know that you are just perfect and that all is just right. The time flies by as I live in this space, throwing events and sharing smiles with my guests as I look upon their face. We sit and deliberate on a weekly basis, and our time leaves picture and paper traces. But taking a step back and learning to reflect, this is a magical experience; one to remember and never forget. Who knows what the future may hold, the story is still growing and there is much to be told. Our lives are moving us in a universal direction. Although I do not claim absolute truth, I bare it somewhere within this reflection.
This idea has manifested in a powerful way. Take young Jewish adults, and allow them to pave the way. Somehow we continually express, rise to various occasions, and are able to progress. Progress is a word embedded in our genealogy our grandparents knew it, which is why they worked so hard for us to be. Although there will always be personalities and skill set traits. We are a collective one group and our families have never led us astray. Sure lessons will be learned and tests will be presented, but we are a group of young adult leaders, who will take any challenge and uplift it.
Our plans for the New Year are many and few. We want to grow our network, yet maintain a solid core group too. We balance between reaching out and looking in, sometimes we laugh and other times we are balancing on a pin. 51% of the time we share in positivity, light shinning bright in a sea shore of childish maturity. I personally enjoy the idea of making this project expand, but is it my call, or is it written in the Divine plan?
These are questions Jews have been asking for lifetimes, invoking ancient stories and fine wines. My connection to the past runs deep, I do not consider these my words, they are words from “Thee.” Thee expressive force that has moved us all over the world, spread our strengths and our resolve. So I just say “be in the flow.” Deeply understand that there is nowhere to go. In other words, move from a place within appreciation in the present know that life is truly a gift so unwrap it and see. Moishe House is a safe haven where we can all relax and simply breathe.
As I conclude this simple expression, the free write blog has become an uplifting confession. My heart says yes and my Jewish brain says “Why?” All is well as I travel around and embrace instead of deny my heritage and traditions too. My grandfather’s father father was a Rabbi who practiced his life through. I now move forward and toward my birthright seeking the next generation and bringing this whole song and dance to a higher light vibration.
Sit back relax, or maybe not, go out in the world and give it all you got. We are Moishe House and we stand with respect, this conclusion is becoming sentimental, but I enjoy that aspect. So thank you for taking the time to read these words. We will all see each other at our next fun and maybe absurd event. Be well and take care of your health, then give care and inspire true that is divine and devianre.

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