Sunday, January 3, 2010


Moishe House Providence boasts a very small, tight-knit community. However, occasionally new emerge all the time. When we do find out about newcomers to the community, we reach out to them in a simple manner. Rather than making an upfront pitch about our 3-4 programs every month, we make Moishe House seem inviting and personal. We feel that if we present new people with an unending string of programs, their interest may be diluted and they can think "Oh, Moishe will always be there, I'll go eventually." We will tell them about the next upcoming one or two programs. Once they have arrived at their first program, we welcome them with open arms. The priority is to make sure they have a good time, interact with people and experience the program. Most of our community members are so friendly, that we don't have to do anything more than make an introduction and allow Moishe to work its magic. Towards the end of a program, one of us will explain why we are hosting the event. At this point we explain the concept of Moishe House and tell them about the broader picture. If they are excited about participating (which almost everyone is), we'll get their full name and email and make sure their signed up on our lists to hear about future events.

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