Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Julia Levy MH Buenos Aires - Personal Blog

I was inspired to live in Moishe House Buenos Aires by being part of Moishe House London.

MoHoLo does a truly amazing job and I feel so lucky to have been part of that and to have learned from them. Thank you, MoHoLo! Living in MHBA for the past 10 months has allowed me to meet loads of wonderful new people, allowed me to invite so many into our home, learn about Argentina, its culture and people and learn Spanish (gracias!). It has also had a big effect on my Jewish journey too... In realizing the privileged position I am in, that I have a Jewish house and that I am in a position of being able to put bring Jews together, I have been motivated to ensure that Jews become more involved in Judaism, that they meet other Jews, that Jewish events are commemorated, that Friday night dinners take place and that they includes lighting candles, making Kiddush, challah etc. (not a given). Because I feel responsible to create positive Jewish experiences for others, I am energized to ensure that the Jewish events take place. I find it so much easier to motivate myself to do something for others than for myself. So over the years, having made Judaism personal and void of obligations, it’s been easy to skip out traditions and rituals, because they’re ‘just for me’. But because I am aware that if we don’t put on a Friday night dinner, these people won’t have a Shabbat dinner, I feel that it is my responsibility and privilege to make that Shabbat dinner and facilitate others’ accessing a little bit of Judaism. So I am finding myself becoming closer to Judaism, but in my own way and in our own way. The Judaism we play out is not halachic Judaism, but it’s how we want to express it and it’s ours. We have ownership of it and whatever we do is because we want to do it. And what we want to do the most is have a Jewish community. We love having people over at our house and we love having fun with those people. So it’s a win-win situation. Thank you Moishe House for enabling these special spaces in time possible and for allowing me the privilege of being a part of it.

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