Monday, March 1, 2010

MH Cape Town February Blog - Partnerships

As the centre of the Cape Town Jewish youth community, we are heavily involved with other organisations. First and foremost, we work in the Herzlia schools, as the house is situated directly below (or near to) 3 of the United Herzlia Schools family. As the only Jewish day school in Cape Town, we feel that it is very important to stay well connected to the school and we often run programmes for them, both educational, as well as being interactive and fun.

We are also very involved in all three of the Jewish youth movement; Bnei Akiva, Habonim Dror and Netzer. When we run events for the house, often members of these youth movements take part in the activities with us and we have a very good relationship with all of them. Furthermore, we work with SAUJS (South African Union of Jewish Students) and Hagshama (which focuses very much on Zionism), both of which we, as a house, feel are important to the youth in the community, mainly those of university students and graduates, as the organisations focus very much on this age group.

In terms of international organisations, we work with Ameinu, an American-based organisation which also focuses on Zionism and peace within Israel (last month we had the President of the American branch, Kenneth Bob, come and talk to us about the organisation) and Equal Education, an organisation with which we have very close bonds. Moishe House Cape feels extremely passionate about education and it is the focus of many of our discussions and events. Towards the beginning of the year, a few members of Equal Education came to talk to us about the organisation and ran some activities for us, as a way to be more involved in the concept of an equal education for all, as well as to have some knowledge of what the organisation does.

Partnerships play a large role in our monthly programming and as previously mentioned, we often run events that involve other organisations, such as the ones for Ameinu and Equal Education. In terms of potential partnerships, we look for an organisation that embodies our beliefs and who will equally support us and attend our events and remain involved with us, as we do with them. As a house, we feel extremely passionate about working in the Herzlia schools, as well as with the youth movements, as they are the organisations that will shape the future of our community. Such organisations have influenced our Moishe House in that they allow us to remain involved in the community, as well as gear us towards being passionate and educated people.

Moishe House Cape Town is extremely happy with the partnerships we currently have, but would like to branch out more and perhaps get involved in more South-African based organisations, as we feel this would be extremely fulfilling and beneficial to the house as a whole.

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