Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moishe House Budapest - February Blog - Partnerships

The Budapest Moishe House has been working in partnership with Marom and Dor Chadash since the beginnings of its establishment. It was natural, as all of the residents have been active in Marom and /or Dor Chadash before.

Partnerships can result in a win-win situation if the partners find their role, how to support each other and what are their common interests. Dor Chadash, a young egalitarian minyen established in 2007 did not have a space where to do their prayers on kabbalath shabbath. The group was moving between different apartments which has caused irregularity. Since the birth of Moishe house the minyen found a secure place and the living room have been transformed into an “apartment synagogue” including a Torah scroll! Not only kabbalath shabbaths but other Jewish holidays (rosh Hashanah, Pesach, etc.) are celebrated in the Moishe house together with Dor Chadash, which is until today a non-formal group of young adults.

On the other hand, programs of the Moishe house are advertised by Marom in the newsletter and on the website. Since Marom is active since over 9 years it has a lot of members, experience and contacts that makes the work of Moishe house easier. Many of the members of the Moishe house have attended Marom events in the years before and it has influenced and strengthened their Jewish identity very much.

Within the frames of the “Quarter6quarter7 festival – during the eight days of Chanukah” which was the joint Chanukah festival of Marom Budapest and the JDC, Hungary Moishe house was one of the program locations and thus was part of the program guide and website of the festival that have reached out to over 20 000 people in Hungary.

Just two months after the opening of the Moishe House Budapest the “Social Action Exchange program” of Marom has started where two of the Moishe house residents are active. Several of the meetings of the social action group are held in the Moishe House and are open to any person interested in social justice issues and Judaism.

Sometimes we invite other formal and informal groups to our events (apartment theatre, apartment restaurant, individual speakers of CSOs, etc.) and we are open for new co-operations. Just couple days ago a new idea was raised according to which the Friday evening kabbalath shabbath would be part of the “Synagogue tour” organized by one of our members active in the youth organization Kidma and the JCC, as well. We would also like to strengthen our connection with the alternative JCC of Marom called Sir├íly and have there constant offline advertisement and possible other ways as well.

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