Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moishe House Vienna - February Blog - Partnerships

In the past month our house had to cope with the leave of Eitan one of the 'founding fathers` of Moishe House in Vienna, however, everz is the begining of something new so we got the new resident Tal that is already a part of the team.

We see potential partnership with organizations that provide to young Jewish students things that we can not offer but at the same time Moishe house can offer things that this organization can not provide, for example currently we are in a constant touch with a local and small organization for students that is called 'Moadon' this club offer special discounts for Jewish students when they go to the theater films etc. we as Moishe House provide a nice place to socialize and get together after the official events,we would like in the future to have connections only with clubs that has a certain content ,an agenda that people can gain something out of it and

both for their own good and to the society- who knows maybe will have an event with a charity organization.

All the best,

Moishe House Vienna

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