Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hello MoHoLo lovers everywhere!

How are you today?

Scroll down for news and events coming up in the next few weeks.

Please welcome Talia C to our residential team.  You can thank her for our newly kitsch bathrooms and early morning yoga (get in touch if you want to join us for that!)


The big news is that we are moving.  We have found a house down the road that will enable us to run events without you all sitting in each other's pockets. I mean, perhaps you like sitting in each other's pockets.  But now it will be out of choice! Hurrah!

Musicians and singers, please contact us as we would like you to come serenade us on the 28th March as we sell off everything left on our shelves and wave a final goodbye to our second home.

See our March events below, and don't forget, we run further events that are not publicly advertised.  If you want to use our space to explore an idea, or come over for Shabbat, do let us know.


Love from

Rachel, Talia, Aviad, Joseph, Bret & Joel


War and Peace in Jewish Thought with Rabbi Jeremy Gordon

Tuesday 16 March, 8-10pm

When the Jews were kicked out of Ancient Israel arguments about 'just wars' and military power became theoretical, but now there is a State, an army and a whole bunch of military complexity involved in being a modern Jew. Join Rabbi Jeremy Gordon, for an evening's journey through sources and struggles with an ancient issue that has very contemporary edges.



Screening of Bridge Over the Wadi

Wednesday 17 March 8-10pm

This event is run in collaboration with The Abraham Fund

In the heart of Israel, after years of violent conflict, Arab and Jewish parents created a bi-lingual, bi-national school. This film follows the first year of a school that is making history. But learning to live together isn't easy.  Can these families create peace for the sake of their children?

The screening will be followed by a discussion led by The Abraham Fund.


Silent Meditation with Daniel Gigi

Thursday 19 March 7.15-9.30pm

Most months we offer an opportunity for you to use Moishe House as a peaceful escape into silent meditation. The evening consists of two half-hour sittings, with a five-minute break between and a space to share experience afterwards.
NB: This group is most suitable for those with some experience of meditation as no instruction will be included during the session.


The Great Moishe House Garage and Lemonade Sale!

Sunday 28 March 12-6pm

Spring cleaning? Preparing for Pesach? Time to brighten up your house and home? Or just time to sip a drink and listen to live music?
Come to the Great Moishe House Garage and Lemonade Sale!!!
Spend the day selecting bargains and taking pleasure in the plethora of musicians who will be entertaining us as we move MoHoLo

Moishe House is throwing open its doors and will be selling off everything left on our shelves before we move down the road to a new and improved MoHoLo.


Moishe House London, in Willesden Green, is part of Moishe House, a worldwide network of houses that are centres for grassroots Jewish community. From our own home, we aim to bring exciting, creative, post-denominational Jewish community to London.

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