Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Partnership in Warsaw

We, as a Moishe House residents all the time are thinking about potential partners. Currently we are working with almost all of Jewish organizations in Poland. We are very close with Polish Jewish Youth Organization and it's feel natural because Agnieszka was previous chairperson and Ania is present. We are planning our events together, when someone new is coming to us we're telling him about that organization and when new people are their events we're inviting them to us.
Our another close partner is Jewish Community in Warsaw. We'are attending their events, lectures,parties, MH residents and participants are volounteers and employees inside of the community. We are working with Jewish Agency for Israel as well (because we want all the people from Taglit at our events) With JDC we're using their space for our lectures and screenings, we once even had cooperation with Jewish Theatre in Warsaw- great shabbat at their patio!
When we are talking about Jewish organizations in Poland we need to mention that partnership is obvious, mostly because we're so small and of course together we can have bigger impact on potential members.

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