Wednesday, March 24, 2010


It is always nice to have visitors from other moishe houses. It is not quite a collaboration, however, it gives other moishe houses a chance to see what an event looks like at Oakland Moishe, and a chance for feedback and a look into how things are done at other houses!

There has been a discussion of inter-mural games between Oakland and San Francisco houses on Treasure Island, which lies mid-bay between the cities! I love this idea, and maybe it would become a regular event.

Another Idea we have considered is a sort of Moishe House time capsule. This would be a package that is sent around the world to all Moishe Houses one at a time. Each house would get to experience each contribution, and add one of their own. Then send it on to the next house. The package might contain a portable hard drive which we could record our original music on or art projects, newsletters, program ideas and whatever else people get excited about. Maybe it is more of an ongoing story where each house adds a chapter or something. It's still in the making. The postage would be part of special events budget, and the capsule would start in Oakland travel the world and end up back at headquarters in Oakland! Sounds fun!!

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