Wednesday, March 10, 2010

MoHoCle's Power in Partnerships

Moishe House Cleveland has only begun to scratch the surface, in terms of partnerships for programming. We have yet to actually be billed as a co-sponsor of an event, but have attended different meetings in hopes of that as the outcome. Some of the things we look for in potential partners are how well known their name is, what kind of numbers they tend to draw to events, a match in age demographics, and common goals and values.

We have begun to work with the Cleveland Food Bank. We are beginning to do more service
oriented programming, but have found that it's hard to get into the food bank, although it's quite a fun and rewarding project. We are looking for other similar organizations to work with in the future. We have decided to be a drop-off location for donated goods of all kinds, including food and clothing. This will be anonymous and open to our community members in need and on some yet to be determined scheduel we will also take goods to a shelter.

We are also known in the Hillel circuit, both to undergraduates and graduates. We attend some of their events and get attendees from there once in a while. That is one partnership that is a strong possibility.

We would like to begin partnering with many organizations in the area. One idea we have is to target a younger audience so when they reach the appropriate age they already know about and are intrested in Moishe House. On this note we are looking into partnering with multiple area youth groups of various Jewish affiliations (NFTY, NCSY, USY, BBYO/ BBG, Betar), to share with the youth that the youth group spirit can be carried and continued throughout one's life. We want to partner with Akiva High School/ Siegal College of Judaic Studies to show students this great way to stay connected to one's Jewish community. We have begun talking to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland and hope to partner with their young adult initive and young leadership division in the future.

There are so many great organizations out there and such wonderful potential for us to partner! Power to the partners.

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