Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MHDC Monthly blog

Hey guys, Does this count if it's early? JK :-). We in DC are super lucky to have MHSS (Moishe Silver Springs) just down the metro from us (although it's hard to get to once you get off the metro, you're much better to just take a bike or a scooter). In the past we've done several events with Silver Springs. We did a fundraiser dating auction that brought together our community and theirs. We've also done a number of other events either with them (as a collaboration) or we've just gone to each other's events.

The bonus of having two houses in the area is that our house is not right for some of our members. Some of them are looking for a house much more like MHSS. The issue that comes up around collaboration is that invariably one of our styles will take center stage, thus being not the perfect event for the other community. But this is actually a blessing in disguise because folks who are house is not right for will likely meet their house at such events.

I think that's the biggest way to benefit our community. Perhaps they are looking for an event on Sex and Judaism event that SS ran recently, they could have heard about it at our collaborative party. Another way that collaboration helps our community is it allows us to put together resources in order to organize an event that just one of our houses might have trouble pulling off. Perhaps we want to do something especially spiritual and are concerned that our community will not be interested. If we are to collaborate with SS, then we are likely to get enough interest.

I think it would be interesting in the future to do something with language. For instance, it would be great to get together an inter-house Hebrew club. Or, if someone in another house had a skill they wanted to run a program around, it would be great to teleconference in somehow. Perhaps we could use this idea to have some sort of quarterly meetings with Rabbi Scott.

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