Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moishe House Buenos Aires - February Blog - Partnerships

Being ourselves very active young jews, before planning our calendar we spend a couple of minutes talking about what is being offered by other institutions to our members. The four of us think that having a good event is about offering something new or doing partnership with other institutions to work together on an existing event, adding our Moishe House style to activities we think that could be interesting for our members.

The most important components a potential partner should have is being open minded, honest and energetic and give us the chance to reach possible new Moishe members. We found that on the staff of the Jewish club Hacoaj, so we had several events at their island, as well as in Hillel Buenos Aires. We could say that we are lucky because we work very close with Hillel, as Nati is both a Moishe girl and a Hillel girl. Every student from abroad that gets involved in Hillel, eventually gets also involved in the Moishe House as the types of events we offer truly complements and is different from Hillel´s.

Our beautiful Moishe House have been influenced pretty much by the experiences and challenges that most of the jewish institutions that work with students faced in the past, as we experienced them as being part of those institutions: we all went on Birthright, we were involved in Chabad... We could say that we are also influenced by them when we get to talk to our members about their experiences in other institutions, which usually happens spontaneously because we offer events but in our own house which is unique.

We are really looking forward to doing partnership with the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires and we are always open and looking for new partnerships. Nowadays the Moishe House Buenos Aires works with numerous institutions but me are very happy to keep our own style, we keep events casual and love making everyone feel at home: "ha'bait sheli ze ha'bait shelha", "mi casa es tĂș casa".

When are you coming to Buenos Aires???? See you: Axel, Guido, Julia and Nati.

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Summer said...

These kind of institutions are very important for us. I was a Madrija at Hacoaj club, and I had a lot of fun there. I like events where jews can exchange ideas and knowledge. There are a lot of events that are done in the Dinastia Maisit convention center who is located in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo. I remember when I travelled to Argentina, I stayed in a buenos aires apartment with a Jewish family and it was a wonderful experience. I also got involved in Hillel since, as you say, every foreigner that goes to BA gets involved with it.
I made a lot of Jewish friends, I simply loved it!